What are your care instructions?

1. Do not microwave or dishwash
2. Use warm water and soap to clean
3. Do not scrub or soak :)
4. Take care of your tumbler!

5. Do not pick at rhinestones or vinyl
6. COLD drinks only
7. Store snow globes upside down
8. Do not shake too vigorously 

I've previously purchased on Etsy. Is this the same thing?

We're managing both, but currently in the process of adding all our options to our NEW website! 💓 If you don't see what you're looking for it is most likely in our Etsy shop, or send us a message for help!

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes we do! Please send us an email or DM on instagram.

How can we contact you about our order?

To discuss details about your order please send us an email! Do not DM about an OPEN order. 

 What are your processing times?

Keychains, straw toppers, straws and stickers can be 5-7 days.

Cold cups 3-4 weeks.

Bling, Snowglobes, Rhinestone Tumblers 8-10 weeks. *Sometimes more! We're perfectionists. 

My glitter and liquid color is sitting at the bottom!

That is normal. Everything will eventually sit at the bottom! Shake between the palms of your hands to move the glitter. WE DO not promote that the glitter will continuously flow.

My package was lost! 

Once your package is shipped off it is out of my hands. It is the responsibility of USPS or UPS to deliver the package. If it is lost or damaged please take photos and file a claim.